Sunday, December 24, 2006
i have always loved to say the word "bethlehem." i think it sounds so beautiful. maybe because i share part of its name, i don't know. but i remember singing songs of that place when i was a little girl and feeling the same way i do now, warm in my heart. thank you, baby Jesus, for being born in bethlehem. merry christmas, everyone!
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Friday, December 22, 2006
a few more for ashley

thank you all for your kind comments about my grandmother's. i know she will get some time after christmas to read them and it will make her smile. we are going to my husband's parents' house tomorrow, so today we are baking, wrapping and listening to christmas music. my children just watched the rudolph video for the third time in two days and all they keep saying is, we just can't wait for santa! i love it.
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Thursday, December 21, 2006
a little history

the house was built in 1855 and my grandmother has the original owner, abraham schell, hanging above the fireplace in the front parlor. he looks really nice, doesn't he?
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yes, she did
so many people asked me on the tour who decorated the home. "my grandmother did," i would say proudly. "she did...really?" "yes, she did." you see, my grandmother is this sweet quiet soul who is very unassuming. nobody knew that for years she'd been collecting antique santa clauses, teddy bears and doll houses. nobody knew that behind closed doors she had this exciting assortment of gingerbread people and angels. nobody knew that my sweet little small town grandmother was one of the first people to realize that christmas china was essential. but, now, the secret is out.
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grandma's kitchen

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
grandmother's house
i had such a wonderful weekend in schellsburg, pennsylvania. my grandmother did an amazing job decorating her home for the christmas tour. i had the special honor of welcoming the tourists into her home. the house was open on saturday and sunday. they counted 250 guests on saturday and 350 guests on sunday! i was so proud of my grandparents. they worked so hard to raise money for the restoration of the old log church in their town. i will post some more pictures in a bit. glad to be back and to be visting your blogs again! :) bethy
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Thursday, December 14, 2006
glad tidings

i am going away for a few days to visit my grandmother. she is putting her home on a christmas tour. i am so excited to see all she has done. she has this great ability of mixing current style with historic design. i will take pictures to share with you when i return! thank you for all of your kind, supportive comments. i so enjoy all of you :)
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la toilette
this was a purple potty room before the party. i am so much happier with it now dressed in "relaxed khaki." the light fixture was gold. so that got covered in the same paint. i was planning to make stripes up the walls, but no time for that. it is such a tiny room, i thought the stripes might make it feel more spacious. maybe i will ge to that after christmas. :)
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behind the scenes
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the party is over and i am so glad to have it behind me! it was fun - but lots of work, of course! more pictures to come :)
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
the reality of things...

nope, i'm not sick, jolene:) you sweet lady. but this is what my house looks like right now. the party is tomorrow lots to do today! i did finish the powder room, so i have mostly last minute errands and finishing touches left on my check list. i will keep you posted!
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
wooden shoes

have you ever seen miracle on 34th street? the real one with natalie wood? it is my very favorite movie ever. the best scene is when this adopted dutch girl goes to sit on santa's lap. she thinks he won't be able to speak to her, but he surprises her by not only speaking dutch, but also by singing this song with her:
"Sinterklaas kapoentje,
gooi wat in mijn schoentje,
gooi wat in mijn laarsje,
dank u, Sinterklaasje."
i used to rewind the tape to hear that song over and over again until i had it memorized. well, today is the day to sing that song! today is st. nicholas day! it is the day that dutch children leave their wooden shoes out to be filled with candy. we celebrate this holiday here at my house, maybe because it is another special day for us, it's the day my husband and i were married - nine years ago :).
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
my dad reads my blog
i knew my mom read my blog, and i knew that sometimes my grandma did too, but it was only recently that i discovered my dad was a reader. i found out because he actually sends me comments. not through blogger, he just emails me directly his thoughts on some things. so you might remember a while back how i posted a gift idea for my mom...something i hoped she would get me from french general...well, to be fair, i thought i would put another item on my list up here for my dad. he has always been a very generous santa, so i thought this was the perfect idea for him. homedonald, if you're out there and you want more information... click on the pot. :)
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goodwill toward me
i had a little hallmark experience yesterday when i went to get my mail. it was chilly and windy, so i was rushing. but out of the corner of my eye, i spied this little brown box sitting up on my porch on the old chair. it looked so carefully placed. i almost wanted to keep it there. but i had to open it! it was an adorable felt ornament from anthropolgie that is now adorning my tree. there was a note that said i have to pass an ornament on to someone else. spread the christmas cheer, it said. i will! because isn't that what christmas is all about? passing on the love...
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Sunday, December 03, 2006
chop chop
the procrastination period ended here friday evening when i started to seriously rearrange some furniture. enough that my back has been killing me! saturday, i did a little shopping and painted an antique record player ( i will have to show you that), and today it was my dear husband who motivated me to get cracking on the back porch. he has been a huge help. lately, when i have a serious task at hand, i have been wearing my camo pants. they make me feel like i can do anything. :) hope you all had a good weekend!
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