Friday, June 29, 2007
from sea to shining sea

happy fourth of july!

sea ya soon :)
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Thursday, June 28, 2007
lamps plus
hi again. i am a little bored today. not really. just procrastinating, i'm doing laundry. i have a friend who is re-doing her bathroom lighting and she asked me where i shop for my lighting. the truth is, i look everywhere just so i know what is out there, but when we built a home, i got almost every fixture on-line from it is fabulous! lighting that runs the gamut - all price ranges, all styles and they run free shipping specials all the time, so watch out for that and get free shipping! i love to change out yucky light fixtures, so i have been sitting here scrolling through the many pages of sconces. here is what i am eying for my own master bathroom re-do:

i got two new mirrors for above our sinks. oh, my goodness, i have to show you those! i'm sorry, how did i forget to do that? you are going to love them!! anyway, i will put some sconces on both sides of the new mirrors and i think these might look great.

kellie wrote to tell me it was my bloggiversary month! thanks for noticing, kellie! i hadn't thought about it! well, maybe i should do something to celebrate. i'm kind of in the mood. more later...
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inspired...just in time

i have been working on our float all week. my dining room table looks like a, well, i can't give it all away. but the photo should be a big clue. i will post pictures when we return (with our cart donning the blue ribbon, perhaps?). i think i used elements of all of your suggestions...what would i do without YOU? thank you!!!! :)
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Friday, June 22, 2007
the three wise women

i had a craft night here at my house. everyone brought a snack and a drink to share and we made crowns. we had so much fun!! from what i will call "creative block due to hostess anxiety," i felt my crown was the worst of the bunch, so i have been doctoring it up a bit this week :) i am going to do another party very soon. don't know what we will make yet...but i think i will wear my crown. happy weekend!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

almost eleven years ago when my husband and i were engaged, i (we?) chose these dishes as "our china" and we registered for them. i loved them. they are from ralph lauren home and i remember the pattern, called megan, wasn't carried by many stores. i can't even remember where i spotted them back in those days. i know it was some place in dc, but i can't remember the exact store. when i spotted them, i just knew i had to have them. when you get married and you are planning your life, you get a lot of advice, even about your dishes. i heard things like, you should get something a little fancier. i think it is too plain. it's not very interesting. do you think food will get stuck in the raised floral pattern? i am glad i didn't listen to anyone else's opinion about my dining ware. cuz i still love it. and, no, food doesn't get stuck in the flowers for goodness sakes. :)
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i ordered an apron in this fabric from the preppy petunia over at etsy....i am so excited. i do these things to teach me patience. ordering custom things online - so worth the wait :)
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Friday, June 15, 2007
competitive carts

over the fourth of july we will be in a golf cart parade. for many years i have watched this parade and wanted to participate, but i had never signed us up until now. the problem is, it isn't just a parade, it is a contest. and i have to win or i don't want to play. and i can't believe i am saying that out loud. usually, i hide my competitive thoughts. but there it is...i like to win. now let me be clear, there are certain things i don't mind, monopoly, tennis...lots of things actually. but then there are the things that i must golf cart decorating contests. so i am trying to think outside of the box. obviously, being in a fourth of july parade, the cart should have a fourth of july theme, but does that mean it has to have red white and blue and flags and such? i don't think so, and i think it would probably be better if it didn't. but what is it going to be? can you help me? please help me win...i've just got to win... :)
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Monday, June 11, 2007
summer serenade

my daughter got a new six string. except, it is really a five string. she told the lady at the antique store while we were checking out that it was missing a string. i think she was brilliantly trying to negotiate a better deal. it didn't work, but i am not complaining. as with most things i agree to buy my children, deep down, i really want them for myself. :)
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Saturday, June 09, 2007
please pass the paper

this is what my dining room looks like these days. another good reason for dining out :)

have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
new wheels

have you ever driven one of these things? my children have had this for years, but i never thought to give it a spin myself. i pulled it into the garage yesterday and hey, this is fun!
too bad my birthday just passed because now i really want a barbie jeep.
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
dreams do come true

finally, after 34 years, my very own ping pong table :)
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Friday, June 01, 2007

happy june! thank you for your sweet birthday wishes. checking in here yesterday to see more and more notes from you all was such a nice gift! even dear meg took time from her travels to pop in and wish me well. thanks, meg! and lisagh, i am still sneaking back over to your space to re-read the wonderful poem and kind words you left for me. merci, merci :)
my husband gave me a great present. i am going to post a picture as soon as we get it set up. here is a hint: "cyclone 3.0" yipppeee...can't wait to show you!

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