Friday, November 30, 2007
color crisis
i know i mentioned doing a brown christmas. i love brown. even more than blue...i think. okay, maybe not as much as blue. but maybe the same as blue. oh, who knows. i love blue and i love brown. so, i have noticed as i am starting to do my brown christmas, the blue just keeps popping up more and more. so, now i am confused. you see, as much as i love blue and brown, i don't really love them together. unless it is a very muted gray blue. and look at that ribbon above - that is not muted. that is like practically turquoise. oh, and i just love turquoise. and if i am going to do turquoise, doesn't pink look nice with turquoise? and pink is my absolute favorite color ever. so maybe christmas should be brown, gray blue, turquoise and pink. but that doesn't all go together. and you know what i really love? cream. a cream christmas is so perfect. our wedding was near christmas and it was all ivory cream. oh, and i just thought that was so beautiful. so i just don't know what i am going to do!

my son saw some ornaments displayed at target yesterday. they were all separated by color. they had blues, beiges, browns, whites and pinks. he stopped in front of the red and green section and said, wow! i really like red and green! poor child. he has the wrong mother :)
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Thursday, November 29, 2007
new reader

welcome, mr. snoopy. i guess you didn't realize we blog writers can tell who visits us. ha!
being sneaky right back at you.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
the tree

where have i been? i didn't realize i hadn't posted in so long. it is that busy time of year. i hosted thanksgiving. seven relatives stayed for three nights. it was not as crazy as it sounds. it was rather nice. i enjoyed seeing every inch of my house being appreciated. the weather was lovely, so the porch was even in full swing and i just loved it.

my design class girls continue to impress me. such a sweet, talented bunch. they are working on individual christmas tree designs, a local scavenger hunt, and in-class projects each day. i send them to many of your blogs for inspiration. i mean, you inspire me, so i know it works :)

tomorrow is my husband's birthday. so i got him this. he will love it. haha.

today, i went to the dentist. and since my dentist reads my blog, i will put this nicely. the horse pill motrin she gave me was NOT big enough. :) i wear invisalign braces. they rock. but holy pain. today she filed (yes, like your nails) in between each of my little sensitive teeth. a lot. and then put my new liner back in. i told her i still love her. i really do. but, um, ouch.

i am getting everyone the same gifts for christmas this year. my mom and dad, my brother, my grandparents, my brother in law...they are all getting the same thing. of course i can't tell you what it is yet, but this stuff, mainly one thing in particular, we love so much, i thought everyone must share our joy. it's kind of like a bethy's favorite things christmas. :)

the stuff in the picture at the top will be going on my tree. when we get it. we are behind here in the decorating. but, that doesn't mean i am not thinking about it...or shopping for it!

my new favorite holiday treat is a caribou coffee peppermint green tea. you must go in and get a medium because it is the only size that comes in the beautiful aqua snowflake cup. it is the happiest little gift you can give yourself while you are running all of your holiday errands. in fact, go get one. it is my treat:)

and speaking of treats. you want to know who won the cool club drawing? suburban mom! yippppeee!! so, katherine, you stranger you, send me your address! i won't publish it, and i will send you a very cool gift (courtesy of the cool club).

so i will try to be a better poster. and a better holiday decorator. and i will try not to ramble so much next time. too much tea.
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Monday, November 19, 2007
hokie tree

we went to see our hokies play, or shall i say, beat the hurricanes :) :)
my husband and i love to walk around our old campus. the fall trees were so pretty and they go so well with our hokie colors that we appreciated them even more on saturday!

okay, so if you wrote me back about the cool club, you are in.
and first order of business, we are having a drawing. i'll let you know if you win.
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Monday, November 12, 2007
first christmas

i have added my first christmas decoration! i just love these trees, a gift from a friend. she has an eye for my taste, wouldn't you say?

so, i am kind of sad no one wanted to join my cool club. but it's okay. i know you all are busy.

don't forget to hug a vet today.
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Thursday, November 08, 2007
silly stuff

1. my husband says my last title should have been a "180" not a "360." hmmm, i guess he's right.

2. it was time to paint the porch floor again. this time, we hired our sweet painter lady to do the job. we have lots of porch furniture that we had to move. it is all over the front, back and side yards. so right now my house looks like lucketts.

3. i took my very first yoga class yesterday. to those who know me well, the very thought of me doing yoga is rather funny. i fell down a lot. and was quietly laughing more than i was "aaoohhmmmming," but i really enjoyed it and i plan on doing it often. in fact, i am going yoga clothes shopping tomorrow :)

4. my brother said he liked our new car. and then he said, "welcome to the cool club." (remember, he was already a member.) i said i wanted to be vp. he said okay. i am now vice president of the cool club. let me know if you want to join, i'm in charge of membership.

enough sillyness. :) i am off to enjoy a long weekend. have a great one everybody!
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
on our way to get the mini van i heard this song:
(sorry, you have to cut and paste)

it struck a chord.
i am so practical.
i am SO cautious.

but i changed my mind about the mini van.

we have had it now for almost two weeks. and i haven't regretted it for a second.
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Thursday, November 01, 2007
dorothy and dr. oz
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