Saturday, February 09, 2013

i taught language arts, or "english," (if you're old school) for many years.  and, i am not afraid to admit it, i still can't grasp the comma.  i mean, i love it, but it is one confusing little piece of punctuation.  it is probably the most mis-used grammatical issue out there.  in fact, if i was to grade myself so far on this post, i am sure i have already messed up a comma or two.  and now days, commas are even more difficult to figure out, because who has time to pause anyway?  we drink too much coffee to naturally pause while talking, so we can't hear where that comma goes.  we just want to plow through our speech like we want to plow through life.  but  i am here to tell you people, take time to PAUSE.  reflect.  savor.  rest. because it is good.  drink some decaf.  stay in bed.  read.  slow down.  it goes by too fast even in slow motion.  put, a, comma, any, where, you, want.  i, won't, count, off.  in, fact, i, will, give, you, bonus, points.

happy saturday
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