Friday, May 25, 2007
i'm it

i got tagged by lovely denise. :)
here goes...

1. i was born on memorial day weekend, so i am thinking when i die, i will be really remembered.
2. i like to go karaoke on my birthday. i feel people have to let me sing the most and put up with my voice since it is my birthday (thanks, friends).
3. i have been addicted to for a good year. i love her. but, girl, don't mess with my elisabeth.
4. i e-mail my grandmother most every night.
5. my grandmother, my daughter, and i share the same name.
6. i was a teacher before i had children.
7. i have chronic back pain.
8. i like anything with jalepenos.
9. my son is obsessed with puzzles. right now we have about twenty puzzles completed all over the upstairs. i just cleaned them all up yesterday. he started over. and these aren't "kid" puzzles, most of them have 100-200 pieces. he is four. i am tired (see #7).
10. i hate peanut butter.

  posted at 2:48 PM  

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Lisagh said...

Yay for #3. Elisabeth is the best!

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Meg said...

do you hate peanut butter because of the taste or because of your son's allergies? maybe some other reason?

Love that you email your grandmother every night.

At 8:37 PM, Blogger sle said...

Happy Birthday birthday girl! Maybe for karaoke night you could sing "I was country when country wasn't cool". LOL. Have a great weekend!

At 9:40 PM, Blogger Rug's Bug said...

I've been blurking around your blog for a while now. I really enjoy your decorating pictures.

I just had to say, that I too hate peanut butter and am so glad to finally know there's others.

At 6:39 AM, Blogger homedaisy said...

meg, the middle one.

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Charmingdesigns said...

Love your blog, so glad I found it. Laurie

At 10:37 AM, Blogger Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I love Rosie and Elizabeth. I haven't even seen the view since Rosie has been on it. But I certainly hear about it.
Love that silverware. Gonna have to get some.

Sorry to hear about your back. I teach injury prevention classes specializing in back care. Anything I can do? I can send you a stretching routine possibly?

At 1:32 PM, Blogger Kerry said...

you say your were a teacher before you had kids... you're still a teacher... you just get kisses instead of dollars for payment!!

At 4:57 PM, Blogger Julia said...

Please check out Dr. Jolie Bookspan's book or website. Her book, "end your pain" is especially good. Made a big difference in my life.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Jolene George said...

It's your birthday weekend!!! Sing out loud girlfriend! :o)
My back is horrible! I'm in pain every minute of everyday. It's strange what you're forced to get use to. Some days are much worse that others.
I LOVE peanut butter.

At 9:06 PM, Blogger Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

So your birthday must be close by or past? Happy Birthday! I laughed when I read #10. I just ate a huge tablespoon of peanut butter about a minute ago, I love it!


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