Sunday, January 28, 2007

1. sometimes, i am not afraid to wear white socks with brown crocs. sure, i like fashion, but i am a comfort first kind of girl, so accessories can really bug me. i won't wear a watch or pantyhose or hairspray.
2. i have a great memory when it comes to not very important stuff. i remember elementary school in surprising detail. i remember every teacher i ever had, what they wore, where i sat, what we did, what i brought for show and tell, the kids in my class, their names, their lunchboxes....i could go on and on :) but don't ask me about real history.
3. i do not like going to the movies. i think the chairs are sticky and gross, it is too dark, and i can't sit still that long.
4. some days, i just eat cookies. and that is all. just lots and lots of cookies.
5. i have a bionic nose. one time i went into target and as soon as i walked in, i could smell a friend of mine because she wears a certain perfume. i found her in line at the pharmacy. seriously, that is pretty silence of the lambs, isn't it?
6. i am really, really cautious. i never drive over the speed limit, i wouldn't even consider being unbuckled, i don't like to take left turns...when it comes to driving, i am an old lady already. i also "watch my back" wherever i go, especially at the atm. oh, and here's another good example...we go to eat at this restaurant at the lake about twice a year. it is near a nuclear power plant. i went on-line and bought these nuclear reactor safety pills that you take just in case of an incident so that your thyroid won't absorb any of the radiation. yup, we only go about twice a year for dinner, so i got some pills.
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At 8:29 AM, Blogger Ashley said...

i like your purse and i wear white socks with my "keen" shoes...kinda like crocs, they're lilac/lavender-ish...i don't care either.

At 9:32 AM, Blogger sarbmil said...

I don't like going to the movies either for all the same reasons. My friends and fiance constantly tell me I'm weird because of this. My arguement though is you never know who sat in that seat before you. Eww! I get the heebyjeebies just thinking about it.

At 4:29 PM, Blogger Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

LOL, I am laughing because I thought you were discribing me in all those! Funny. I have NEVER worn a watch and don't plan too. I don't even own any hairspray or pantyhose. I didn't notice your white socks, looks normal to me. My husband teases me if I can smell the rose down the was really really bad when I was pregnant. I don't even sit in a parked car without being buckled and I have been known to bring a towel to sit on at the movies.
You rock!

At 10:21 AM, Blogger homedaisy said...

kim - you rock too :)

At 7:41 PM, Blogger Head Hen said...

It is really very comforting that there are so many other {young} people out there who feel/act/think like I do. Whew, I am not {that} old for my time!


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